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Walking Sightseeing Tours

Moscow Kremlin

  • Moscow's Red Square and Kremlin...
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    Arbat  Street
  • W-#1. Arbat dates back 500 years, the Arbat in various forms has long served as the center of artistic life in Moscow. It was protected from development of factories or workers houses, and only the "privileged" were allowed to live here. Since 1989, it has been a pedestrian mall. The Arbat is a fascinating neighborhood of beautiful architecture and small alleyways, each with its own story. A walk along the Arbat brings to life many of Russia's historical figures such as Pushkin, Chekhov, and Stalin. At the end of the tour, enjoy the many cafes, antique and art shops.

  • W-#2. Moscow of the Moscow metro began in the 1930's, and resulted in one of the most spectacular underground systems in the world. With contributions by some of the best artists and architects of USSR, the Moscow metro is truly a museum both of art and history. Each station has a unique theme, often reflected in the design and name of the station. During the tour you will see the most beautiful stations such as Komsomolskaya, Novoslobodskaya, Belorusskaya, and Mayakovskaya, and Kropotkinskaya, the last two marked by UNESÑO as unique architectural monuments.

    Novodevichy Convent
  • W-#3. Novodevichy Convent...former Monastery, for many years it was closed to the general public. Much has been restored since 1990s. If you can catch a service, you will enjoy the women’s choir. A short walk along Convent walls will bring you the cemetery, where you will find graves of Gogol, Shoskatovich, Kruschev, and many other prominent figures of USSR and Russia amongst some pretty impressive headstones.

    Old Stock Exchange

  • W-#4. Kitay-Gorod one of the oldest districts in Moscow next to the Kremlin. Originally, it was a trade area, which grew into a prestigious district with clergymen’s mansions, monasteries, foreign embassies, and trade missions. Most original buildings of the 16-17th century are still present. The spirit of ancient Moscow, good restaurants and nightclubs are all good reasons to pay a visit.

    Kropotkinskaya Square

  • W-#5. Kropotkinskaya located in the heart of Moscow within 15-20 minutes from Kremlin. The highlights of the square are the recently restored Cathedral of the Christ the Savior and famous Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts. Either you are an art gourmet or admirer of culture and architecture, both places is the "top shelve".

    Pushkinskaya Square
  • W-#6. Pushkinskaya Square...this square is very popular among young people. Many city celebrations, movie premiers, political meetings happen here. It is also known for the first Russia’s McDonald’s restaurant opened here in 1990 with lines comparable to lines to Lenins’s Tomb.

    Gorky Park

  • W-#7. Corky Park...built in 1928 right on the banks of Moskva River next to the elegant Krymsky bridge, today, it is the Russia's largest amusement Park. Great place to feel the pulse of Moscow city, enjoy people, kids and relaxed atmosphere. In the winter, definitely come here for ice-skating and the Ice Sculpture Festival in February. Right across from Gorky Park, visit an open exhibition of sculptures of soviet period brought here after the fall of USSR.

    Ostankino Tower
  • W-#8. Ostanikino Tower the second tallest (540 meters) free-standing structure in the world and is a member of the World Federation of Great Towers. Since 1967, the tower is the best observation point in Moscow (the platform placed at the height of 337 m). It took a little more then 3 years to build the tower and in 1967 the tower became higher than Empire State Building in New York. Its weight is 51,400 tons. It was recently reconstructed after the fire happened in August of 2000, which has destroyed the most inner part of the tower.

    Victory Park

  • W-#9. Victory Park...this massive memorial complex was completed in the mid-1990s to honor the 50th anniversary of the WWII Victory. It is best to visit the park closer to the evening (summer time). Large fountain with read lights, elegant church and multiple expositions with real samples of German and Russian armory placed right on the sidewalks surely impress.

    Vorobievy Gory
  • W-#10. Vorobievy the highest point if Moscow.This prestigious area is a home to famous Moscow State University, many foreign Embassies, Circus and nice parks. Special attention deserves the University building. Originally built as the hotel, the 240 meters high skyscraper was reassigned by Stalin for educational purposes. By all means, the building is a true architectural and engineering wonder. The University campus is a great place for walks and panoramic views from the observation square, especially when the building is lighted up.

    VDNkH Exhibition
  • W-#11. VDNkH Exhibition…conceived as a cross between World Fair and Theme Park, with monuments to Soviet science, fountains, amusement-park rides and national pavilions for all the republics of the USSR. It has now been renamed the All-Russia Exhibition Centre (VVTs). Along with shopping and amusement attractions, there are several exhibitions that are definitely worth to pay a visit. The Space Exhibition, Pavilions of Atomic achievements and Commercial Hunting as well as several monuments such as 100 meters space obelisk and a real size model of the first “Vostok” Rocket are the highlights.

    Lubyanka Square

  • W-#12. Lubyanka Square...this is the side of former KGB headquarter and controversial monument to Felix Dzerzinsky, who was the head of the Security during Lenin’s time. His monument was demolished after “Perestroika”, but many, including the Moscow administration want that monument back. Walking through the square opens nice panoramic views of Moscow.

    Patriarshie Ponds

  • W-#13. Patriarshie Ponds...great park with peaceful surroundings. Come here in the winter for ice scatting or have a quick tea in the local tram restaurant, which keeps circling around the park while you are having tea. The Ponds are also known for being a prototype featured in Bulgakov’s novel Master and Margarita. Number of nice theaters, cafes and restaurant are also around.

    Moscow Zoo

  • W-#14. Moscow of the first Zoo Parks in Russia (1864), today, it is home to almost 960 species represented by over 5,000 animals and birds. Among rare species are Siberian tigers, Snow leopards, Polar bears and many others. Closed on Mondays.

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