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Driving Tours

White House

  • D-#1. Moscow highlights by covers most of the city's popular attractions. We start at the Red Square, than continue to the former headquarters of the KGB. After a short stop here, we will drive to Kitai Gorod known as the "old Moscow", then the Solyanka and Varvarka streets will take us across the Moscow river to Sophyiskaya Naberezhnaya. From here you will have the best panoramic views of the Kremlin, Parlament house and Kremlin cathedrals. Next we will arrive at the Christ the Savior cathedral for a quick visit. The next destination is Moscow State University with the best panoramic view of Moscow city. We will then continue on to the WWII memorial complex "Poklonnaya Gora" and finally, our driver will take us back to the Red Square through busy Arbat and Tverskaya streets.

    Varvarka Street and Vasilyevsky Slope
  • D-#2. The banks of Moskva River...from St. Basil cathedral on Red Square, we will pass Varvarka Street, Vasilyevsky Slope, Kremlin, old Moscow bridges, golden domes of Novodevichyi Monastery, unique architecture representing old and modern Moscow, Russia's oldest chocolate factory "Krasny Oktyabr", and finally, the latest addition of Moscow's skyline, and end our tour at the Christ Savior Cathedral.

     Ascencion Church (1532)
  • D-#3. Kolomenskoye an open air architectural ensemble featuring founded in XV century. Located in the outskirts of the city, for centuries the Estate was a favored country residence for many Russian Czars and Princes. Starting with the Great Prince Vasily III and his son Ivan the Terrible, later it becomes a scene of festivities marking the coronations of Catherine I, Peter II and Empresses Anna and Elizabeth. Peter II often hunted in the woods nearby, and in the late 18th century Catherine the Great use to come here with her grandchildren. The Estate area is also a great place for relaxing walks and panoramic views.

    Matreshka dolls
  • D-#4. Izmailovsky Souvenir Market...similar to bazaars of Silk Route, the lively and bustling Izmailovsky Souvenir Market is a true haven for souvenir, art and antique shoppers. Among traditional Matreshka dolls, brooches, lacquer boxes, you will also find here Persian hand made rugs, crafts made of mammoth tasks, military items, rare crystals, paintings, collectible items of USSR times, and many other things. Built in the form of wooden fortress, colorful and fun, the area is always full of shoppers, barbeque smoke, traders, and tourists. Our guide will help you to navigate the market and insure good quality and the best price. The market is opened on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays only.

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