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Things To Do

Sandunov banya

  • T-#1. Russian Banya...we invite you to visit famous Sandunov Banya, one of the most interesting and the oldest attribute of Russian life style. Similar to a concept of Turkish baths or SPAs, the Russian banya has its own specifics. It always has a steam room and swimming pool (bucket) with cold water. For better steaming experience and aroma, you are offered birch (usually) brooms made of dried branches, towels, and drinks (tea, beer). Sandunov banya offers both, public (segregated by sex) and private cabins. Private cabins are probably the highlight. They vary in size and comfort. The price starts from $40 per hour for a cabin for 2.

  • T-#2. Bolshoi of Moscow's must-see attractions, the Bolshoi has a long tradition (since 1776) of excellence. Known as the worlds bastion of classical ballet and opera, the Bolshoi is arguably the worlds most famous theatre. Its performances are especially good for all language audience as one does not need to understand any Russian to enjoy them. Recommended Productions: Swan Lake; The Bright Stream; Spartacus.

  • T-#3. Moscow Operetta...the Operetta stages lighthearted, and much humbler, versions of American musicals, as well as the latest Russian musicals. The list of major productions include: operetta "Farewell, Edwin?", modern musical "Sinful", romantic and sentimental operetta "The Violet of Montmartre" by Kalman, "My Fair Lady" by Show, and the world famous musical "Notre Dame de Paris".

  • T-#4. The Moscow Art Theatre named for Anton Chekhov...this theater is particulary known acting technique developed by Constantine Stanislavski. It was first developed and tested in the Moscow Art Theatre, making it another of the world's most famous theatres. The theatre is named for Chekhov because this is where he got his start as a playwright (with The Seagull). Recommended productions: The White Guard by M. Bulgakov; The Cherry Orchard or The Seagull by A. Chekhov; Terrorism by the Presnjakovy Brothers.

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