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Room Types and Definitions

  • Single: A single room is designed to accommodate one person only. The room contains one single bed, (approx. 3' x 6' 3 or 1m x 1.9m).

  • Double (2 people): A double room is designed to accommodate two people only. The room usually contains one queen bed. (approx. 4' 6 x 6' 3 or 1.4m x 1.9m). The size of the double beds are European standard and are usually slightly smaller than those found in the North American hotels.

  • Double (1 Person): A double room can be booked for one person - the industry term for this is Double for Single Occupancy. Some of the hotels charge a lower rate if only one person is staying in a double room. This rate will be shown if applicable.

  • Twin: A twin room is also designed to accommodate two people only. The room contains two single beds. (Approx. 3' x 6' 3 or 1m x 1.9m) - each bed sleeps one person.

  • Triple: A triple room is designed to accommodate three people only. The room will usually contain three single beds. However, some hotels can offer a room with 1 Double bed and 1 single bed - Please state your preference when making your reservation.

  • Quad: A quad room is designed to accommodate four people only. The room will contain either: Two queen beds One queen and two single beds Four single beds Please specify which option you require when sending your reservation form. We can also assist you in seeking accommodation that can accommodate more than four people in a room. Please specify the number of people in your party when completing your reservation request form.

  • Executive & Superior Rooms: Are designed to provide a more luxurious atmosphere than standard (std) rooms. The main attraction with these rooms are that they usually feature upgraded furniture and decor, and they are also invariably more spacious. Often, these rooms offer a sitting area, perhaps a sofa and easy-chairs in addition to the bed, to provide extra comfort. Also, in some hotels there are extra facilities - these vary enormously with each hotel - they range from: upgraded complimentary bathroom products, work/writing desk, complimentary flowers, bathrobe etc.

  • Suites & Mini Suites: This rooms are designed to offer a more substantial form of accommodation. They normally contain one (possible two) double bedroom. Suites contain a sitting area with lounge style furniture, i.e. a sofa and easy chairs. The term 'mini' when applied to Suite usually refers to the sitting area being quite compact. Suites usually contain a total of three rooms; a bedroom, a bathroom and a sitting room. There is no kitchen in a Suite, though some may provide a microwave oven plus small refrigerator.

  • Ensuite Rooms: Ensuite rooms have a private bathroom attached to the room. The bathroom will have a WC and a bath or shower (or both combined).

  • Apartments: Are designed to offer urban accommodation which is more substantial and similar in some ways to being a 'home' as well as an economical alternative to hotels (especially small groups). They normally range from containing one to three separate bedrooms, with a separate lounge area and bathroom, and often sleep two people per room. Apartments also contain a full kitchen or a scaled down version known as a 'kitchenette'. If you choose to stay at the private apartment, please keep in mind that the utility, security, garbage disposal standards are very different from what you get use at home or hotel. There is a good chance you wont be able to turn on the hot water or hit without help, especially if you don't speak the language of the country you are in. Be also aware of annual repairs (summer), when the city shuts off hot water for 1-2 weeks. Sokol Tours is not responsible for any refunds, fines or fees if such incidents will occur.

  • Home / Family Stay: Similar to a bed and breakfast, a home stay is an opportunity to live with the local family. You have one room in a house or apartment, along with access to washroom/shower, kitchen and living room. A great way to meet people and learn about the country and people, home stays let you experience the culture instead of just seeing it. Afternoon tea or meals can be included at an additional charge. While we will make every attempt to make a good match, please keep in mind that you are in traveling through East and Asia. Life is different and you should be flexible and accept that as part of the experience. Please note that in many cases, hosts are individuals, pensioners, or single mothers. Due to the small size of apartments, there are very few whole families who have the space to take guests. In the event of dispute, conflict or dissatisfaction, Sokol Tours will do its best to relocate you to another host, but please be aware that we do require 3 weeks minimum to find another host. Be also aware of annual repairs (summer), when the city shuts off hot water for 1-2 weeks.

  • Bed & Breakfast (B&B): In most cases there are private wooden/stone houses, generally small, but cozy and charming with 2-10 single/double rooms. This type of establishment is still relatively rare in Eastern Eurasia, though becoming more popular, particulary in Russia. The bathroom and shower in some cases are substituted by sauna or banya and shared by other quests. In remote villages and towns outdoor bathrooms are still common. Amenities include bed, breakfast, washer and access to the kitchen. Usually the owner lives on premises, but not always.

  • Ger / Yurt: Is a traditional family communal tent made of thick felt. They have been used for generations by nomadic herdsman in Mongolia and many parts of Central Asia. There are usually at least 5 and up to 50 individual Gers in the camp (housing sometimes up to 180 people). Modern Tourist Ger camps are designed specially for receiving and serving travelers. Each Ger is usually equipped with comfortable 2-4 beds, dinning room, flush toilet and showers at major camps only (usually around capitals), electricity as a rule. Most camps have on staff a manager, local cook, waitress and horsemen. Most tourist Ger camps are closed in the winter (October - May).

  • SPAs / Sanatoriums: A great way to relax! Located throughout the entire Eastern Europe, Russia, Mongolia, Central Asia and China, SPAs and Sanatoriums here are slightly different than Western SPAs. Often located close to large cities, these were often company owned and operated to provide employees a place to go not only to relax but to cure medical ailments as well. Many of these spas are still operating, but many have also modernized to become more of a resort and attract a broader market. Living facilities in most cases are 2-3 story condominium style buildings with standard single, double, twin rooms and family suites or wooden cottages for 2-4 people. Usually including swimming, sailing and workout facilities, you can also visit a massage-therapist, relax in the restaurant or bar, and make new friends. Even winter is a great time to visit a SPA when you can ski, skate, take a ride on the traditional horse-drawn sleigh, enjoy sauna or the Russian Banya.

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