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How to Use the Site

Welcome to Sokol! We have just launched what we believe is one of the most extensive and user-friendly websites for those dreaming of a visit to Russia, Central Asia, Mongolia, China and its neighbors. This site will remain a work in progress, as we add feature after feature to make your experience in planning a trip to this region nearly as exciting as the trip itself.

As we are an evolving site, this page will change often to reflect the latest changes and how you should work with areas of the site. What we will describe here are the general guidelines for using the site to plan travel to this region, and also an outline of each section.

General Guidelines
In designing this site, we expect three primary types of visitors: those who know exactly which services they need, and those who are looking for an adventure and are not even sure if Russia is where they will find it, and those falling somewhere in-between.

If you are in the first group, we hope you will find that our navigation allows you to quickly find the information that you need via the Travel Services section of the main menu. If you are exploring your travel opportunities and still need convincing that your next adventure awaits you in Russia and Asia, you will find your inspiration in the Tours and Destinations sections of the site.

Travel Services
This section addresses individual services. If you only need a visa or a train ticket, you can go directly to this area for more information. Currently you can order visas directly online via this section and we expect to enable ordering of the other travel services very soon. You may also find this section useful in providing the base services to which you can add tours, or some services add-ons to larger tours.

We are currently building what we feel will be the most extensive tour database in existence for Russia, Mongolia, Central Asia and China. We are organizing everything from the shortest 2-3 hour excursion to full-blown adventures into a sortable directory, where you can search by interest/activity and location. While we do not want to minimize the role of Moscow and St. Petersburg, we feel there are thousands of additional opportunities and that this region is perhaps unique in that nearly any interest or activity can be explored here on all levels - from novice to expert.

The directory of destinations is linked directly to the Tours section as well, so that you can quickly reference the locations included in any particular tour. Here you will find information about the geographic regions and the cities and other destinations you will find in them. City information includes links to information about museums in that city. Expect this section to grow daily with more information!

Travel Advice
This is where we put all of the extra information related to your travel that can come in handy, and we do recommend that you check here first for any questions that come up, as you are probably not the first nor the last to have questions or concerns about travel in this part of the world.

Client Login/Client Page
We encourage you to make use of this section of the site. By registering with Sokol Tours, you can use the "Duffle Bag" function which allows you to save any Tours and Travel Services that you find of interest. Later you can go back and from the many options you may have stored there, choose those you would like to submit as an Itinerary for a Sokol Tours Consultant to approve. This is the stage at which your experience becomes even more "interactive" as you work with Sokol Tours Consultants in piecing together and finalizing your travel itinerary.

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