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Try to imagine a country or a family without holidays and traditions! Agree, it is not easy...Well, our mission is not exactly to analyze or explain you the importance of holidays. There are couple practical reasons we would like to point out here. Just like the rest of the world, the travel destinations we invite you to have a very extensive list of official and unofficial holidays. The official ones we want you to keep in mind. It becomes particularly important when you start working on the visa and the gift list.

In regards to the visa, the holidays are actually have a negative impact in this case. Either out of the International solidarity or simply because Embassies are the government monopolies, they do like to close for all major holidays of the country they represent and the country they are operating in. Add to this weekends and limited number of days you are given to process the visa...the math speaks for itself: "plan early and carefully".

Luckily, universally, in most countries holidays are a joy accompanied with gifts, parties and celebrations. The "diplomatic power" of gifts is as important as the "attention" one. If they are appropriate and given at the right time, it will help to smooth cultural differences. Your host family members, the teacher, the guide, the doormen, the train conductor are good candidates.

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