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The Visa regime in the countries of the former Soviet Union, Mongolia and China has eased up in the past few years. Mongolia, for instance, waved tourist visas (if 30 days or less) for US citizens. US travel passport The Embassies of China, Mongolia and few Central Asian States located in the USA no longer require invitation letters. This is all good news, yet, many rules are still in place and they are under constant revision and change. If you are processing the visa yourself, before you bring or mail materials to the Consulate, contact them again to make sure that instructions you read few weeks ago are still valid. If you are away from your home country, be aware that the list of required documents for visa processing also varies from country to country.

If you are outside of the United States and do not wish to deal with the local Embassy's bureaucracy, please contact us for advice. Often, we can order full processing via our Regional partners (additional fees apply). You can also mail us your passport for processing it in the US (certain limitations apply).

  • Belarus /Single entry; 30 days; Processing time 10 bus. days/ ---------$295
  • Ukraine /Single entry; 30 days; Processing time 12 bus. days/ ---------$218
  • Mongolia /Single entry; 90 days; Processing time 2-7 bus. days/ ------$185
  • Main China /Double entry; 6 months; Processing time 6 bus. days/ ----$359
  • Kyrgyzstan /Single entry; 30 days; Processing time 7 bus. days/ ------$185
  • Kazakhstan /Double entry; 30 days; Processing time 5-7 bus. days/ --$285
  • Uzbekistan /Double entry; 90 days, Processing time 9 bus. days/ -----$245
  • Turkmenistan /Single entry; 14 days; Processing time 25 bus. days/ -$191

    Complete Visa Processing includes delivery fees within USA only


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