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Route:St. Petersburg
Duration:see options
Date:upon request
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Discounts:%3 (2 people);
%5 (3 people);
%5 (4 people);
Difficulty:Not applicable
Cost:139 USD
- per person;
- [option 1]

134 USD
- per person;
- [option 2]

134 USD
- per person;
- [option 3]

114 USD
- per person;
- [option 4]

Matis painting

Red Hall

Feature tour  Hermitage highlights

Hermitage gallery

The great collection of The Hermitage museum was started in 1764 by the Russian Empress Catherine the Great as a hobby and to enrich the decadence of the newly built “Winter Palace” for the Royal family in St. Petersburg. Over the years, the museum became the worlds finest. In almost 400 halls, there are over three million works of art, ranging from ancient Scythian gold to Royal jewelry, sculpture and paintings by Leonardo da Vinci, Rubens, El Greco, Cézanne and Picasso and collectibles of Carl Fabergé. The Winter Palace itself is one of St. Petersburg's most beautiful landmarks and architectural masterpieces. For more information about St. Petersburg and its popular landmarks, please click here

[Option 1] - General Museum tour, 3 hours;
This 3 hour tour covers the history of the building and it's former residents plus an overview of the highlights of the collection. It is appropriate for both knowledgeable art enthusiasts, as our guides have a background in art history, and for those wishing to become familiar with the collection and buildings before exploring the museum on your own if you decide to do so.

[Option 2] - Special Exhibition tour, 1.5 hours;
“Golden room #1”. This exhibition will introduce you to a collection of items made of precious metals in historical order from the 3rd millennium BC to the early 20th century AD. It starts with the remarkable section of artifacts from the North Caucasus (early bronze age) displaying the oldest jewelry discovered in Russia. Next display will impress you with the collection of personal items and gifts to the Romanov family in 16-17th century including a few collectibles of Faberge. Group excursions conducted twice a day; in the morning and afternoon.

[Option 3] - Special Exhibition tour, 1.5 hours;
"Golden room #2". This exhibition will introduce you to a collection of close to 1500 gold artifacts presented by three groups: “Scythian nomads”; “Greek ornaments” from 50 BC to 200 AD; and the “Oriental collection” of gifts from India and China presented to Russian Czars between 14th and 17th centuries. Group excursions conducted twice a day; in the morning and afternoon.

[Option 4] - Special Exhibition tour, 1.5 hours;
"The Winter Palace of Peter the Great". This exhibition will introduce you to the unique architectural and memorial monument of the early 18th century. It is located inside the building of the Hermitage Theatre (next to the main museum). It is with in these walls, that Peter the Great died in January 1725. The interiors of the rooms are restored and furnished with original items that belonged to Peter the Great.


  • Professional guide (licensed by the Hermitage);
  • General Entry Admission;

    Not included:

  • Admission fees for Special/Feature Exhibits;
  • Photo/Video surcharges;
  • Transfers to/from museum;
  • Meals or snacks;
  • Travel/Health insurance;

    Special tour-related note:

  • Museum business hours 10:30-18:00pm. Closed Monday;
  • All feature exhibitions require advanced booking (1 week min.);
  • Additional fees: (photo camera ~ $4; video camera - $8-9)

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