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Russia European (Northern) / St. Petersburg

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Route:St. Petersburg
Duration:5 hours
Date:upon request
except Tue
Difficulty:Not applicable
Cost:295 USD
[ option 1 ]
SEDAN vehicle
2 people max
total tour price

406 USD
[ option 2 ]
MINIVAN vehicle
7 people max
total tour price

49 USD
[ option 3 ]
(2 palaces+Park
+Amber room)
price per person

Catherine's Palace

Walking Alley

  Royal Estate - Catherine's Palace

 Restored Amber Room

Pushkin town was founded in 1710 as an imperial residence named Tsarskoe Selo. It contains an ensemble of the 18th century palaces and gardens: Catherine Palace, Alexander Palace and other buildings and associated parks, true jewel of Russian Baroque. it is a major tourist attraction of the area and is included in the list of monuments protected by the UNESCO. Visitors marvel at the splendor of the palaces, with rich collections of art and displays of personal belongings of the Russian royal family, and enjoy a stroll through the large parks surrounding the palaces. Russian history is on every corner of this Estate. All Russian monarchs lived, worked, granted audiences, arranged diplomatic receptions for foreign ambassadors, gala balls and masquerades in the gorgeous halls of the palace. The period of the Catherine the Great is especially interesting along with modern secrets such as Amber room often referred as the "Eighth Wonder of the World".


  • Catherine's Palace was built for Peter the Great's wife, Empress Catherine I, who ascended to the throne in 1725 following her husband's death. During this time, it was named "The Great Palace"; the addition of "Catherine was not to come into use until 50 years later. The first stone buildings were constructed here between 1717 and 1723, and she lived on this estate until her death in 1727.
  • The Alexander's Palace is next to the Catherine's one. It features 9 newly restored rooms with personal belongings of Nicolas and Alexandra, the children of the last Czar of Russia - Nicolas II. By fate, the Alexander's palace became the last home for Nicolas II and his family, who were shortly exiled right after the 1917 Revolution to Yekaterinburg city and later executed there ending the 300 years Monarchy.
  • The Amber vanished in the wake of WWIIan 11-foot-square hall walled with amber and other semiprecious stones and worth $142 million in today's dollars. One of the only pieces to be found is a small mosaic of jasper and onyx. The idea of building a room with walls covered with amber belongs to King of Prussia (1701). It took many years and masters before it was completed. In 1717, the King gave the room to the Russian Emperor Peter the Great. Since late 1970s, the reconstruction of The Amber Room was carried on and off. It was finished recently and now opened again to the public.


    Destinations: St. Petersburg - Pushkin town (24km~15mi)

    [ Basic Tour ] - 5 hrs, driving with bilingual guide
    From St. Petersburg, accompanied by our guide, we will drive to Pushkin town for about an hour depending on the traffic. Upon arrival we will visit the Catherine's, Alexander's Palaces, and the Amber Room. Be prepared for lots of walking. We will take breaks to rest and relax. In between or after, we will walk through the Park for sightseeing and souvenir shopping.


  • Bilingual guide per Itinerary;
  • Transfers by private vehicle;
  • Admission fees (option 3);

    Not included:

  • Meals, Snacks, Drinks;
  • Pickups outside of the city center perimeter;
  • Travel/Health Insurance;

    Special tour-related note:

  • Catherine's Palace and Amber Room are open to public from 10:00 till 17:00 daily except Tue and last Mon of each month;
  • Alexander's palace is open to public from 10:30 till 17:00 daily except Tue ad last Wed of each month;
  • Click here for seasonal exhibitions & gardens schedule

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