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Mongolia / Kharkhorin - the city of lost Empire

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Route: - Ulaanbaatar - Terelj Park & Hentii Mountains - Khuduu Aral - the Genghis Khan land
Duration:6 days/5 nights
Date:Upon request [May-Sept]
Discounts:%30 (2 people);
%35 (3 people);
%40 (4 people);
Difficulty:Medium activity
Cost:1 370 USD
-per person;

  GenghisKhan Steppes by horse


This journey takes you through the great Genghis Khan's birth-place and to the historic sites where his great battles once took place. While visiting these ancient places, you will hear many stories about Genghis Khan as well as visit the Buddhist monastery of Baldan Braibung Hiid in the eastern area. Two days of horse trekking will give you a great chance to introduce you to Mongolian customs, unique natural beauty, lifestyle differences between modern and nomadic Mongolians, and historical and cultural spots through Khentii province. The eastern part of Mongolia is a land of remote grassy steppes; the last really big undamaged grassland ecosystem left in the world.

Highlights: (Tourist map of Mongolia)

  • One of the ancient monuments we will visit was erected by Toniukuk the Wise, the minister of the Orkhon Turkic State (VI-VIII century) in 744 A.D.
  • Huduu Aral, the plain on which many monuments can be found is where "The Secret History of Mongols" was finished. To honor the 750th anniversary of this event, a statue of Genghis Khan was erected here in 1990.
  • The southern side of Aurag river is where Genghis Khan's great palace was originally located. Nowadays there are plenty of ruins to explore here. Khukh nuur (Blue lake) is thought to be where Temujin was crowned Genghis Khan in 1206. A round stone 15m in diameter at the site marks the place of coronation.
  • Braibung Hiid monastery was built in 1724 of granite, and its peak was 3 stories high with 32 pillars, and it had 10 stone statues. It was one of three largest monasteries in Mongolia and home to 1500 lamas. The monastery has been restored and is a favorite place for visitors, both foreign and Mongolian. The monastery is surrounded by mountains and nearby there is a large stone statue of Manzushir.


    Day 1. Drive to Mungun morit via Terelj National Park, visit Turtle rock, lunch, continue driving till Baigali tour camp (240 km/150mi). Supper. Overnight at the local Ger camp.

    Day 2. Drive to Bayangol valley of Hentii mountains, visit historical sites: Braibung monastery and other sites related to Genghis Khan (190km/120mi by car + 2 hours on horseback). Overnight at the local Ger camp.

    Day 3. Drive to Khuduu Aral where Genghis Khan was honored a title, enjoy nature beauty of the surrounding grasslands (160 km/100mi). Overnight at the local Ger camp.

    Days 4 and 5. This 2 days we will try to stay mainly on the horse, about 15-40km each day. The ride takes place in the valley of the Kherlen river. The site has been attracting people and wild life for centuries. It is believed that the valley was the place where young Great Khan Temujin became the Genghis Khan after the crowning ceremony. There is a landmark symbolizing the event. The site became particularly popular after it was chosen for filming the final scene in the historical story called "The Secret history of the Mongols". There is definitely some kind of enigmatic power in the air there, and it is made of very simple ingredients - river, sky, sun and Bayan Ulaan mountains. The valley is also a great place to enjoy the wilderness. You will most likely run into Gazelle, Reindeer, Takhi horse, Marmot. Overnight at the local Ger camps.

    Day 6. Drive to Ulaanbaatar in the afternoon (240km/150mi).


  • Bilingual (Beginner-Intermidiate) speaking guide;
  • Room & Board (as described);
  • Ground transportation (as described);
  • Entrance fees for National parks;

    Due to seasonal fluctuation of accommodation fees, Sokol Tours reserves a right to adjust the rates accordingly.

    Not included:

  • Accommodations in Ulaanbaatar;
  • Personal expenses (including First Aid);
  • International air or train fares;
  • Travel and Medical insurance;

    Special tour-related note:

  • Click here for information about Mongolian Gers.
  • Bring: rain gear, insect repellent, flash light, warm clothes, durable pans, cap, swim suite, sun glasses, energy snacks;
  • Be prepared to take a "shower" in the river if needed.
  • If personal hygiene is an issue-bring your own sleeping bags.
  • Roads in Mongolian country are not paved, and can be rough (dust, bumps, mud, etc). Be prepared.
  • All meals are cooked on the open fire.

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