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Russia Far East / Vladivostok

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Route: - Vladivostok - Trans-Siberian RR - Baikal-Amur Mainline (BAM) RR
Duration:see options
Date:upon request
Difficulty:Easy / No activity
Cost:164 USD
[option #1]
no guide: 3 hrs
sedan vehicle
1-2 passengers
price per tour

218 USD
[option #2]
no guide: 6 hrs
sedan vehicle
1-2 passengers
price per tour

248 USD
[option #2]
no guide: 6 hrs
minivan vehicle
1-5 passengers
price per tour

96 USD
[Supplement 1]
tour guide srvs
your language
per 3-hour tour

12 USD
[Supplement 2]
entrance ticket
per 1 museum
per 1 person

Golden Horn Bay

Downtown - Central Square

  Welcome to Vladivostok - Day Tour

 Vladivistok Railway Station

Literally translated from Russian as the Ruler of the East, Vladivostok has grown since 1860 into the administrative center of Primorye (Maritime) Region and the nation's major Pacific Ocean port. Home to a rich and turbulent history and a closed city for many years, Vladivostok opened its gates again to tourists in 1992 after the breakup of USSR. The first foreign visitors were surprised to see a very nice city and not just the military base with barracks as it had been perceived by the outside world.


  • Historic Center: Train Station, Sea Port, Revolution Square.
  • Egersheld's Point panorama of Golden Horn Bay & city.
  • Streets with character: Svetlanskaya, Fokina, Pushkinskaya
  • Museum of V. Arsenyev. Opened 10 - 17:30 except Mondays.
  • S-56 submarine. Opened daily 10 - 18.
  • Vladivostok Fortress. Opened daily 10 - 18.
  • St. Nikole church commemorates 1905 Russo-Japanese War.
  • Stop by Yul Brynner House on Aleutskaya Str.
  • Primorsky Art Gallery. 9am-6pm Tue-Sun
  • Churkin Maritime Cemetery tells many stories
  • Vladivostok Aquarium. Opened daily 10am to 18pm
  • The Russias Pacific Fleet
  • Russian and Popov Islands.


    [Option 1] - Driving tour, 3 hours
    This tour option is great for folks who need just a quick city introduction to get started. It works great for folks arriving to Vladivostok on Trans-Siberian train. We will meet you at the hotel or train station (as long as it is within the city limits) and take to the Historical center to see the Train Station, Revolution Square, Golden Horn Bay, Svetlanskya and Pushkinskaya Streets. At the end of the tour, you can either go to the museum or ask the driver to take you to the hotel. Book a tour guide.

    [Option 2] - Driving day tour, 6 hours
    This tour option allows tourists to see the city without rushing. You will have time for a coffer break or lunch and the museums. We will pick you up from the hotel / train station and drive with stops at the historical part of the city to see the Train Station, Revolution Square and Sea port followed by a drive along Svetlanskaya and Pushkinskaya Streets, stop at Maritime Cemetery, St. Nikole church, Fortress museum, Egersheld Point and Golden Horn Harbor. Book a bilingual guide for this tour. It will enhance your experience.

    [Supplement 1] - Bilingual tour guide services: 3 hours
    Having a tour guide during the city tour is big plus. It comes particularly handy when details matter. Social interaction with the guide is an experience itself, and surely you will get a good advice on where to eat, what's new, and what to see.

    [Supplement 2] - Vladivostok Museums
    This supplement includes admission to 1 museum (site or gallery). Feel free to book 2 or 3 museums with your tour if time allows. We recommend to visit the Regional Museum of V. Arsenyev with wonderful collections related to the region. The Vladivostok Fortress and S-56 submarine keep memories of the WWII and "cold war". For entertainment stop by the local Art gallery or Vladivostok aquarium.


  • Transportation w/personal driver;
  • Bilingual guide (optional - supplement 2);
  • Admission for 1 museum (optional - supplement 2);

    Not included:

  • Accommodations in Vladivostok
  • Meals/snacks/drinks;
  • Time/Fees for pick ups outside of the city center perimeter;
  • Travel/Medical/Evacuation insurance;

    Special tour-related note:
    Trans-Siberian Railway
    Trans-Siberian Highway (M60)
    Primorye (Maritime) Territory
    Siberian Tiger

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