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Mongolia / Terelj Park & Hentii Mountains

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Route: - Ulaanbaatar - Arkhangai Province Wonders
(Terkhiin, Ugii Lakes, Horgo Park..)
- Uvs Lake - bird's crossroad
Duration:4 days/3 nights
Date:mid May-mid Oct
Discounts:For group prices (3+ travelers) please inquire
Difficulty:Medium activity
Cost:1 555 USD
[ option 1 ]
1-PERSON pack
WITH tour guide
price per tour

1 320 USD
[ option 2 ]
1-PERSON pack
NO tour guide
price per tour

1 970 USD
[ option 3 ]
2-PERSONS pack
WITH tour guide
price per tour

1 736 USD
[ option 4 ]
2-PERSONS pack
NO tour guide
price per tour


Low lands of Mongolia

  Birds of Mongolia

 Orkhon Waterfall

This tour is a great combination for nature lovers and adventurers. It allows to see true Mongolia, its people, learn history and present thru many sites you will pass. Bird lover will be especially pleased with the variety of birds in Mongolia, almost 250 known species. Most of them are seasonal visitors or migrates and only %25 reside permanently. If driving through steppes and grasslands, you will certainly see many Grey Demoiselle Cranes. Among other common species are the upland Buzzard, Steppe Eagle, Black Kite and variety of owls and hawks. In the mountains, you may be lucky to spot species of ptarmigan, finch, woodpecker and owl. Among most popular places for bird gatherings in Mongolia are lakes and rivers, particularly Ugii Lake and Orkhon waterfall.


  • Enjoy Mongolia's grasslands and day-to-day Nomadic life.
  • Have fun at the Elsen floating sand dunes where Gobi starts;
  • Lake Ugii Nuur is a great spot for bird watchers and fishing. You can see very rare species at this lake, which are no longer found elsewhere in the world, such as Platalea leuucorodia linnaeus and Haliaeetus albicilla lennaeus.
  • The Orkhon River and Waterfall were formed about 20,000 years ago as a result of volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. The waterfall cascades from an impressive height of 23m/25 yards with a width of 10m/11 yards. The area is the best spot to see falcons and hawks, particularly the saraa (moon) hawks;
  • Karakorum city - the ancient capital of Mongolia with ruins of Erdene Zuu monastery (1586), the site of Buddhist practice and worship for over a thousand years.
  • Fishing...try your luck at Ugii lake, Tamir or Orkhon rivers.
  • Horse and camel riding available at the Ger camp base.

    ITINERARY: (Tourist map of Mongolia)

    Day 1 - Departing Ulaanbaator city
    Drive from Ulaanbaator through Mongolian country side and Elsen Tsarkhai (sand dunes) for about 350km/219mi. During the ride, we will make stops for bird watching at Khugnu Khan mountains and Tarna River. Late at night, arrive to Ugii Nuur Ger camp. Sightseeing. Supper. Overnight;

    Day 2 - Bird watching at Lake Ugii
    Breakfast. Morning bird watching. At your disposal are jeep, stationary tower, kayak and horse. Lunch. In the afternoon, we will drive to our next destination Orkhon waterfall (250km/156mi). Bird watching. Drive to Mongon Hurhree Ger camp. Supper. Overnight;

    Day 3 - Bird watching at Orkhon waterfall
    Breakfast. Morning bird watching. Lunch. Free time. Supper. Overnight at the Mongon Hurhre Ger camp;

    Day 4 - Return to Ulaanbaator city
    Breakfast. Drive to Kharakhorum city (90km/56mi). Visit Erdene Zuu monastery. After excursion drive back the Ulaanbaator city (550km/344mi).


  • Personal guide guide thru the tour (option 1 and 3);
  • Private vehicle with personal driver, gasoline;
  • Room & Board (driver & guide included) per Itinerary;
  • National Park entrance fees;
  • Monastery entrance fees;

    Due to seasonal fluctuation of gasoline, accommodation fees, Sokol Tours reserves a right to adjust the rates accordingly.

    Not included:

  • International air or train fares;
  • Travel/Health insurance;
  • First Aid Kit (medical);

    Special tour-related note:
    Click here for information about Mongolian Gers.

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