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Date:upon request
Discounts:%35 (2 people);
%40 (3 people);
%45 (4 people);
Difficulty:Easy / No activity
Cost:145 USD
- [option #1]

265 USD
- [option #2]

25 USD
tent per day;

15 USD
sleeping bag;
1 person/1 day;

Jeep "Nissan" 4x4 (Japanese made)

Minivan "UAZ" 4x4 (Russian made)

  4 X 4 Travel in Mongolia

 Jeep "UAZ" 4x4 (Russian made)

There is an expression: "Mongolia does not have has directions.". In most part this is true. Just a short drive outside of Ulaanbaatar city will open endless steppes of Central Mongolia before you. You can literally point your finger any direction and drive where you want and how you want for days. Summer is a perfect candidate for discovering Mongolia by Jeep. Winters, Falls and Springs are also fun, but mostly for folks who admire off-road struggle. In the end it all works out for everybody. Great combination of possibility to choose your own road and destination, off-road experience through steppes of Central Mongolia, dirt and rocks of Northern Mongolia and sands of Gobi desert in the south make Jeep experience in Mongolia one of the best in the world.


  • Jeep "UAZ" 4x4 (Russian made) is a very popular one among local drivers. It was built and designed for military purpose. Relatively small (ideally for 2-3 passengers), harsh, bit noisy, and as a rule (unless it is the latest version) without air conditioner, just heater. But there are many other advantages important in Mongolia. The simplicity of the engine and transmission allows drivers to fix the problem on the spot without a repair shop. This feature is very important if you are driving in the middle of nowhere and thousands miles away from populated area. The Jeep has also a great ability to travel in the cross-country. If you are planning 2+ days trip into Mongolia, we suggest to compromise the comfort and rent UAZ.

  • Minivan "UAZ" 4x4 (Russian made) was designed and built for off-road driving in the country. It can carry up to 5-6 people. Built very simple with minimal electronics and comfort, the van remains one of the top popular vehicles among local drivers for a very simple reason - it is easy to repair. Despite the harsh ride, the van also gives a thrill of interesting experience. When you start driving, depending on the road, it first fills like you are on the rollercoaster. After day or two of driving, you will turn into a Nomad and somehow start liking your "horse".

  • Jeep "Nissan" 4x4 (Japanese made) and other modifications of Japanese and Western made trucks are widely used and loved in Mongolia. Those vehicles are a sign of prestige and comfort. They are frequently used for short driving tours to provide western level of comfort to passengers. Although, because of the fear of breaking down in the middle of nowhere without knowledge how to repair computer run engines, many drivers hesitate taking this Jeeps for long trips.

    Gasoline price ranges between $1-1.50 per liter (~$4-5 per gallon). Jeep takes ~ 18 liters (~5 gallons) per 100 km (~62 mi)

    Itinerary: (Tourist map of Mongolia)

    [Option #1] - 24 hrs, Vehicle+Driver:
    This is a good option for budget travelers. A basic bilingual dictionary will keep you in touch with the driver. If you are a student studying Mongolian or Russian, this is a great a chance for your practice.

    [Option #2] - 24 hrs, Vehicle+Driver+Bilingual guide:
    Great option to discover Mongolia. Your guide will keep you entertaining throughout the trip with legends and stories about Genghis Khan, interesting facts about Nomadic life, fauna, flora and many other natural wonders of Mongolia.


  • Rental fees for a Jeep + driver (100km/70mi per day);
  • Breakdown/repair labor and cost;
  • Bilingual guide (option #2);
  • Food and Board for a driver / guide;

    Not included:

  • Gasoline;
  • Personal expenses including Food and Board;
  • National Park Fees;
  • Travel/Health/Evacuation insurance;
  • Visa fees (if applicable);
  • Transportation to/from Ulaanbaatar City;

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