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Russia Siberia (Eastern) / Lake Baikal Ring

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Route: - Irkutsk - Lake Baikal Ring - Irkutsk
Duration:6 hours
Date:upon request
Discounts:For groups of 2+ travelers, please inquire a quote.
Difficulty:Not applicable
Cost:390 USD
[base tour, 6 hrs]
w/bilingual guide
w/shaman show
private vehicle
1-2 passengers
price per tour

179 USD
[Folk show, 1 hr]
Buryat culture
1-2 travelers
price per show

25 USD
[Local Lunch]
Buryat cuisine
2-3 course meal
price per person

Kids of Ust-Orda village

Shaman ceremony

  Visit to Shaman

 Folk show by locals

One of the peoples of the Lake Baikal region, the Buryat, continue to this day the strong mystical practices closely connected with the natural world around them. A shaman, who is part doctor, part priest, leads various religious and healing ceremonies for the Buryat people.


  • Learn about Buryat culture and taste their food;
  • Watch the Shaman perfomance full of energy;
  • Enjoy country side of Lake Baikal surroundings;

    Base Tour Itinerary:

    Base tour/6 hrs/driving/guide/shaman ceremony;
    This tour takes you 70 km from of Irkutsk city to the village of Ust-Orda. The village is the cultural and administrative center of the Buryat indigenous group, one of the major northern subgroups of the Mongols. During the tour you will visit the local lore museum dedicated to Buryat culture, history with some artifacts dated to Stone Age. During or after the museum visit, you will be invited to see the shaman ceremony (~ 40 min). For additional fee, you can also order a lunch to taste traditional Buryat cuisine and traditional folk show with demonstration of ethnic clothes, singing, dancing. After the tour, we will drive back to Irkutsk city.


    Base Tour (1-2 people)
    Transfers by private vehicle;
    Bilingual guide;
    Local Museum admission;
    Shaman Ceremony (~ 40 min);

    Add to the Base tour (1-2 people)
    Traditional Buryat Lunch (optional, see "Cost");
    Traditional Buryat Folk Show (optional, see "Cost");

    Not included:

  • Lodging and Visa registration;
  • Snacks, food for the road or during transfers;
  • Alcoholic, juice, soda drinks;
  • Travel/Health insurance;
  • Personal expenses;

    Special tour-related note:

  • Bring: insect repellent, sweater or light jacket, cap depending on weather;
  • Watch for ticks when in the country;

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