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Route: - Ulaanbaatar - Altai Tavanbogd - the Land of Eagles
Duration:5 days
Date:First week of October annually
Discounts:%5 (2 people);
%7 (3 people);
%10 (4 people);
Difficulty:Light activity
Cost:1 594 USD
per person

Local plane

Bayan-Olgii local market

  Hunting with Eagles in Mongolia

 Local hunter

One of the most interesting activities among locals in western part of Mongolia, which serves both living and entertainment, is the eagle hunting. There is special even dedicated to this matter. It is conducted annually and called
The Golden Eagle Festival.


  • Enjoy a rare union between the human and the eagle.
  • Experience the ethnic composition of western Mongoila;
  • Hike and trek Altai mountains. Lush alpine pastures make ideal grazing lands during the summer months and local herders bring their herds of yaks, sheep and horses, adding a cultural element to the mountains.

    Itinerary: (Tourist map of Mongolia)

    *Flight frequency: 4 times per week [Tue, Thu, Sat, Sun]

    Day 1 - Departing Ulaanbaator city:
    Early morning drive to Ulaanbaatar airport for departure transfer for 3.5 hours flight to Olgii town. Upon arrival to Olgii town, transfer to the base Ger camp. Settle in your room, take a break if needed. Lunch. In the afternoon, we will drive for 5 hours tour to a local museum and mosque. Return to the base Ger camp. Supper. Overnight.

    Days 2, 3, 4 - Golden Eagle Festival
    Join the crowd of spectators and enjoy the Festival program. During breaks, hike and trek local mountains, feast with local nomads and learn from them secrets of training eagles.

    Day 5 - Return to Ulaanbaator city
    Breakfast. Airport transfer for 3.5 hours flight to Ulaanbaatar city. Upon arrival to Ulaanbaatar city, transfer to the hotel.


  • Olgii town arrival transfer with bilingual guide;
  • Olgii town departure transfer (without guide);
  • Guided tour in Olgii town (5 hours);
  • Airfare Ulaanbaator city-Olgii town (round trip, economy)
  • Accommodations at the Ger Camp (4 nights);
  • Full board (except arrival & departure days);

    Due to seasonal fluctuation of accommodation fees and airfares, Sokol Tours reserves a right to adjust the final fees accordingly.

    Not included:

  • Travel/Health insurance;
  • Tours/excursions during Festival;
  • First aid kit (medical);
  • Fees for oversized/weight luggage;

    Special tour-related note:

  • Click here for information about Mongolian Gers.
  • Local flights in Mongolia, in most cases, are conducted by Russian made planes AN-24. It is a reliable plane, but loud, and often, when boarded by locals with their pets, might look very different from what you use to at home.
  • When packing, keep in mind that most domestic flights in Mongolia have limits for luggage weight depending on the type of the plane: AN-24 (10kg/22 pounds). Each extra pound ~$0.4.
  • Be prepared for "offroading" experience in the country.

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