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Russia European (Central) / Yasnaya Polyana

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Route: - Tula - Moscow - Yasnaya Polyana
Duration:See options
Date:upon request
Discounts:for groups of 7+ tourists please request a quote
Difficulty:Not applicable
Cost:398 USD
[ option 1 ]
SEDAN vehicle
1-3 passengers
full day ~ 12 hrs
price per tour

497 USD
[ option 1 ]
MINIVAN vehicle
1-6 passengers
full day ~ 12 hrs
price per tour

698 USD
[option 2 ]
SEDAN vehicle
1-3 passengers
2 days/1 night
price per tour

169 USD
[Supplement 1]
Bilingual guide
from museum
for 2-3 hrs tour
per availablity

Grave of Tolstoy

Winter at Yasnaya Polyana

  Tolstoy's Yasnaya Polyana

 Leo Tolstoy's office

Yasnaya Polyana (translated as "bright meadow") is the name of the former royal estate, now museum, located in the country near Tula city. The Estate was home and resting place of the great Russian writer - Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy. Here he lived in his beloved nature and wrote some of his greatest works, including War and Peace. The easiest way to reach "Yasnaya Polyana" is by private car. It takes about 3-4 hours / 190km from Moscow city (without traffic). Public transportation is available daily between Moscow and Tula city, but not so much between Tula and Yasnaya Polyana. On certain days, there is a seasonal direct commuter train from Moscow to Yasnaya Polyana. Lev Tolstoy's house is open as a museum, and you are free to relax and walk through the large estate. As he was a modest man, Tolstoy's grave is unmarked, small and simple. During the visit, ask your guide to tell you famous story about the green stick


  • Discover provincial life of Central Russia.
  • Expert highlights about Tolstoy's Yasnaya Polyana.
  • Stop by to visit Tula's Museum of Weapon.
  • Explore Tula's Kremlin and Samovar Museum.
  • Learn about Russia's first Arms Plant built by Demidovs.
  • Taste famous Tula's cake (pryanik in Russian). Tasty staff.


    [Options 1] - Full day (~ 12 hours)
    This option is available year-round except Mondays and last Tuesday of each month. Assuming you are in Moscow. Our driver will pick you up at 8-9am and drive you straight to "Yasnaya Polyana" museum. The drive takes 3-4 hours without traffic jams. The museum is open till 5pm, but the admission ends at 3pm. Upon arrival, our driver or guide will assist you with logistics of finding the ticket office and signing for a tour. The easiest and least expensive way to tour the Estate and Tolstoy's museum is to join a regular group guided in Russian. Tours in English and other languages cost more money and have to be pre-booked. Make sure to take a walk around the estate after you visit Tolstoy's house. There is a lot to see around the estate, sights connected to Tolstoy's life...his bench, tree, grave. Closer to 3-4pm, drive back to Tula city for a short tour (or lunch). Closer to 4-5pm, drive back to Moscow city.

    [Options 2] - 2 days / 1 night
    This option is available year-round. It allows travelers to explore both, Tolstoy's estate and Tula city in details without rushing. Tolstoy's House and Estate along can easily consume full day with so many memorable sights to visit there. Tula city also offers great number of museums with reach history and cultural life. Travelers can choose which day to visit "Yasnaya Polyana" and which day to stay in the city. For overnight, we can book a hotel in Tula city or book a home stay if interested to experience Russian life first hand.


  • Private vehicle with personal driver;
  • Gasoline, road fees, parking;
  • Sokol orientation guide;

    Not included:

  • Estate/Museums Admission;
  • Bilingual guide (Supplement 1 or 2);
  • Meals / Snacks;
  • Accommodations;
  • Pickups outside of the city center perimeter (in Moscow);
  • Health/Travel Insurance;

    Special tour-related note:

  • Moscow - Tula distance: ~ 190km (119mi);
  • Tula - Yasnaya Polyana Museum distance: 15-18km.
  • Museum business hours: 9am-5pm (except Mon & last Tue of each month). More details on Tolstoy's Estate official website
  • Depending on the season, bring: sweater or light jacket, umbrella, sun glasses, cap, warm boots, mittens, hat and thick coat. Plan for the worst, especially in the winter for incidents such as car break downs or train delays.
  • Bring snacks, sandwiches, water;
  • Carry bilingual dictionary with you all the time.

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