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Mongolia / Ulaanbaatar

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Route: - Ulaanbaatar - Murun - Khovsgol Lake & National Park
Duration:9 days/8 nights
Date:Upon request
Per flight avail.
Discounts:%45 (2 people);
%57 (3 people);
%65 (4 people);
Difficulty:Light activity
Cost:7 604 USD
- per 1 person;

Northern Pike

  Fishing in Northern Monoglia


Mongolia is one of the world's most exciting freshwater fisheries. The crystal clear rivers host a number of sport fish including taimen (up to 200 pounds) that is one of the largest freshwater fish in central Asia. Other species include lenok, Siberian grayling, pike, sturgeon and Asian whitefish. If you are a devoted fisherman, Mongolia is a destination you should not miss.


  • Shiishigt River is a mid size stream. It begins in Darhadyn Hot Gor valley, flows in and out of the lake Tsagaan and eventually empties its waters into Russian Kyzyl Khem River after traveling for about 240km. Shiishigt river is particularly known for its marshy banks covered with many small lakes and great fishing spots.
  • Egiin Gol River is the only river that flows out Lake Khovsgol, which ultimately reaches Lake Baikal in Siberia (Russia) streching for ~ 400km. The River is reach with fish. Among common species are taimen (close to Atlantic salmon family), lenok (trout family), grayling and pike.

    Itinerary: (Tourist map of Mongolia)

    *Flight frequency: 14 Jun-19 Sept [daily]; Winter [3 per week]:

    Day 1: Arrival to Ulaanbaatar. Meeting at the airport/train staion and transfer to your accommodations. In the evening, our guide will take you for a city tour. Overnight.

    Day 2: Ulaanbaatar...After breakfast our tour assistants will meet you for a quick lunch and briefing about the Itinerary and to make sure your packing is sufficient. In the early afternoon, we will drive to the airport to catch the flight to Murun town. Upon arrival to Murun, we will contiue our travel by car (~ 300km) to the fishing spot on Shishigt river. Supper. Overnight in tents.

    Day 3-4: Shishigt river...Fishing. Overnight in tents.

    Day 5: Shishigt river...After breakfast we will drive (full day) to our next fishing spot on Egiin gol river. Upon arrival, supper. Overnight in tents.

    Day 6-7: Egiin gol river...Fishing. Overnight in tents.

    Day 8: Egiin gol river...Breakfast. Fishing till afternoon. Around 12:00pm we will drive to Murun for the afternoon flight to Ulaanbaatar. Upon arrival, transfer to your accommodations. Overnight.

    Day 9: Ulaanbaatar...Breakfast. Departure transfer.


  • Airfare Ulaanbaatar - Murun (round trip);
  • Fishing guide; Enterpreter; Cook;
  • Accommodations (2-8 days);
  • All transfers by private car as described;
  • Full board (except arrival & departure days);
  • Fishing licenses;
  • National Park fees;

    Not included:

  • Accommodations (arrival and departure nights);
  • Meals (arrival and departure days)
  • Travel/Health Insurance;
  • Fishing equipment;
  • Sleeping bags;
  • First aid kit (medical);
  • Visa (if required);
  • Fees for oversized/weight luggage on domestic flights;
  • International air/train fares;

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  • Local flights in Mongolia, in most cases, are conducted by Russian made planes AN-24. It is a reliable plane, but loud, and often, when boarded by locals with their pets, might look very different from what you use to at home.
  • When packing, keep in mind that most domestic flights in Mongolia have limits for luggage weight depending on the type of the plane: AN-24 (10kg/22 pounds).
  • Be prepared for "offroading" experience in the country.

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