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Duration:5 hours
Date:upon request

Note that some sites are closed on certain days. For more details please check the Itinerary below.
Discounts:%40 (2 people);
%55 (3 people);
%68 (4 people);
%75 (5 people);
Difficulty:Not applicable
Cost:269 USD
per person

Hutong Area - the ancient Beijing

White Pagoda Temple (view from distance)

  Beijing the City

 Observation deck of the Beijing TV tower

This tour is designed to give you the feel of the city in the shortest time possible. We tried our best to balance both the number and selection of popular sites in our tour to allow you see the best views of Beijing, have a chance to bargain with local merchants, and enjoy culture and history through architecture and ancient places. Clearly 5 hours is not enough to enjoy each site in detail, but it will be a good startup for you to see if you want to come back and spend more time here. Our tour guides will also give you good tips and advice regarding other sights to see in Beijing related to your specific interest.


  • Panjiayuan Flea Market is one of the best in China. Merchants from all over the country sell everything from trinkets to treasures, Mao caps to Ming pottery, village handicrafts, Yinxing teapots, Tibetan trunks, or whatever your heart desires.
  • Ancient Beijing Observatory is one of the oldest pretelescopic observatories in the world (1442). It displays Chinese ancient astronomical equipment. The observatory itself is located on the rooftop of what is now an astronomy museum.
  • The Ming Dynasty City Wall (1419) is one of Beijing's most precious historical heritages. By luck, this section of the wall remained untouched. To preserve it, the city restored remains of the wall to its original glory with a 1.5 km park around it.
  • Nanchizi Area was the backyard of the Imperial Palace. For centuries, dynasty rulers had their government offices, storage facilitiesand livings quads here. It was recently restored to its original look and turned into an open-air museum.
  • Jingshan Park is the highest land point (48 meters) in Beijing. It was founded in 1179 by Emperors, and later expanded by an artificial hill made entirely from soil excavated during the construction of the Imperial Palace and nearby canals. From the top, you can see the layout of the Forbidden City.
  • Hutong Area is the neighborhood where Beijing began its history. It is also known as the Old Beijing and Ancient Beijing.
  • Gong Wang Fu Mansion is the largest and the best preserved royal mansion (1777) of the ancient Beijing.
  • White Padoga Temple is the name of the mountain that gave its name to the Buddhist complex founded there in 1271 per the request of the Tibetian Lama. The Temple building itself is the largest and tallest Buddhist temple in Beijing (~50 meters). It has 3 halls with countless numbers of Buddha statues.
  • Beijing TV Tower is the tallest (405 meters) structure in the city. A race to the top of the tower is held annually, with two laps of the base followed by a climb of 1484 steps leading up to the 238 meter-high observation deck.


    Our guide will recommend the sequence of sightseeing for each tour. Below is the list of sights and general timelines for visiting.

  • Hotel pickup
  • Panjiayuan Market (~20 min)
  • Ancienct Obserbatory & Ming Dynasty City Wall (~20 min)
  • Nanchizi Area (~20 min)
  • Jingshan Park (~25 min)
  • Hutong Area with short stop at the Gong Mansion(~25 min)
  • White Pagoda Temple (~25 min)
  • Beijing TV Tower (~40 min)
  • Hotel return

    Please NOTE that, as a rule, the White Pagoda Temple is closed on Sat & Sun, and the Ancient Beijing Observatory is closed on Mon. Other sites are open daily, but many are closed at 16:00PM. Check the Special tour-related note below for details.


  • Bilingual guide, 5 hours;
  • Private car with personal driver, 5 hours;
  • General Admission fees per Itinerary;

    Not included:

  • Time/Fees for pick ups outside of the city center perimeter;
  • Admission fees to special exhibits during sight visiting;
  • Meals, snacks, water;
  • Travel / Medical / Evacuation Insurance;

    Please NOTE that the road traffic in Beijing can be very unpredictable. It might effect (shorten) the visiting time of sights, or the tour itself. Sokol Tours is not responsible for any delays / cancellations caused by the traffic.

    Special tour-related note:

  • Panjiayuan Market (open daily 8-18)
  • Ancienct Obserbatory (Tue-Sun 9-16. Closed Mon)
  • Ming Dynasty City Wall (daily 9-16)
  • Jingshan Park (daily 9-16)
  • Hutong Area (daily 9-17)
  • Gong Wang Fu Mansion (daily 9-16)
  • White Pagoda Temple (Mon-Fri 9-17. Closed Sat & Sun)
  • Beijing TV Tower (daily 8:30-18)

    Please NOTE that business hours/days are subject to change.

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