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Route: - Beijing - Trans-Mongolian RR
Duration:see options
Date:upon request
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%30 (4 people);
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Cost:139 USD
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-[option #1]

The Temple of Haven

  Highlights of Tiananmen Square

 The Throne of Forbidden City

This walking tour starts at the heart of Beijing, the Tiananmen Square. Although it has become synonymous with the protesters of 1989, this is a place where many people to gather and relax in the summer time. Created by Mao, the square is located beside the Forbidden City, and is the largest public square in the world. After a short historical introduction, we will continue our tour to the Forbidden City and the Temple of Haven.


  • The Forbidden City was once the center of power for the Ming and Qing dynasties (1368-1911). This city-within-a-city provided everything the rulers of China needed, and as such they rarely left its gates. Here, important ceremonies like coronations were held, and because commoners were never allowed in, it was named "forbidden." Because of damage from battles and natural disasters, much of the city is now only about 200 years old at most, though this doesn't take away from the sense of awe it instills.

  • The Temple of Heaven, just south of the Forbidden City, was one of many temples where dynastic rulers of China came to worship. Today it is the best preserved temple in China with many interesting stories and histrorical facts.


    [Option #1] - 4 hrs, walking, w/bilingual guide;
    Our guide will meet you at the hotel, train station or any other location within historical perimeter of Beijing and take you to the heart of the city - the Tiananmen Square. After introduction with main sites of the Square, you will be invited to visit Forbidden City. The last stop will be the grandiose Temple of Heaven. After the tour, our guide will assist you to find direction to your next destination, catch the bus or taxi.


  • Professional guide;
  • Admission fees (2);

    Not included:

  • Special exhibition fees;
  • Transportation to/from Tiananmen Square;

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