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Date:upon request
Discounts:%25 (2 people);
%30 (3 people);
%35 (4 people);
Difficulty:Not applicable
Cost:285 USD
- per person;
- [option #1]

One the way to Ming Tombs

Ming Dynasty burial

  The Great Wall and Ming Tombs

 Forbidden City

One of the most famous objects in the world, The Great Wall of China stretches for thousands of kilometers across China. Work on the wall began in the 2nd century B.C., but was not completed for hundreds of years, as sections were added by successive emperors.


  • Ideal start for China exploration;
  • See for yourself what makes the Wall so Great;
  • Good chance for light exercising and hiking;
  • Shoppers will find souvenirs for a family and friends;


    [Option #1] - 8-10 hrs, driving, w/bilingual guide;
    You probably just arrived to Beijing and can not wait to see the world's wonder - the Great Wall of China. This is an ideal getaway trip for all ages and interests. The tour takes you from Beijing to a section of the Wall about 80 km (50mi) away at Badaling. The Ming Tombs, where rulers of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) are buried, are near this section. The tombs are all in different hillsides, and have a small road connecting them. The whole site is enclosed by a large wall 40 km in length. Our guide will introduce you to historical highlights, take you around for hike, ride on the cable car (optional), lunch and at the end, back to your hotel. The driving takes about 4 hours, round trip. The rest is for sightseeing and lunch.


  • Transport from/to Beijing
  • Bilingual guide;
  • General Admission fees;
  • Lunch;

    Not included:

  • Time/Fees for pick ups outside of the city center perimeter;
  • Cable-car ride (optional, about $14 round trip)
  • Travel/Health Insurance;

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