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Russia Ural Mountains / Yekaterinburg

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The Cathedral of Ascension of the Lord

The “Ganya’s pit” site

  Yekaterinburg and the Romanovs

 Monument to Romanov family

…Around midnight (17 July, 1918), the Russian Emperor Nicolas II and his family were awaken by a loud noise coming from the window. Soldiers were drunk and very nervous for some reason, screaming, laughing, swearing…Someone pushed the door open, and shouted cynically: “– Hope you are ready?!”…The Czar took his sleeping son Alexei in his arms and calmly said: “- We are ready”…and then, women started screaming…”

This story, full of tragedy and mysteries, will penetrate your mind with questions many have been trying to answer. How and Why? Still today it is hard to accept the fact that the 300-year-old Russian Monarchy, rulers of mighty Empire, ended at the hands of a drunken soldier...


  • The city history museum*. Among many exhibits one is particularly interesting. It is called the “Ural in the 18th century” and features wax mannequins of the bearded Czar Nicholas, Empress Alexandra, their sickly heir Alexei and their four beautiful daughters all portrayed in a pleasant family pose.

  • The "Ipatievsky House and Church “On the blood”. In the minds of many people, this site is "The Russian Golgotha." After multiple relocations after their arrest in 1917, the Emperor and his family end up in Yekaterinburg under strict home arrest in the house of local engineer Ipatiev. A few month later, in July of 1918, the family and servants are shot in cold blood.....In the 1960s, in an attempt to erase the horrific memories of this senseless crime, the Ipatiev House was demolished ....and only after "Perestroika," in the 1990s, did the story come alive again uncovering many hidden facts, reinforcing the guilt. Soon after the Russian Church canonized Czar Nicolas II and built a cathedral right on the spot where the execution took place.

  • The “Ganya’s pit”. After the Emperor and his family were executed in the basement of the Ipatievsky house, their bodies were then taken some 30 kilometers (19 miles) outside of the city, stripped and thrown into a mineshaft called by locals “Ganya’s pit”. In 1979 the bones were found, but kept secret until 1991. In 2000, the head of the Russian church, Patriarch Alexei II, visited and blessed the site. A few small wooden chapels were built around the pit to provide services to visitors.

  • The Cathedral of Ascension of the Lord. After 80 years, Yekaterinburg finally had a chance to bow and ask for forgiveness on July 15, 1998, at the funeral of the Royal family, held at the local cathedral. The next day, coffins with the remains of Emperor Nicholas II, Empress Alexandra Fedorovna, three of their five children and four of their servants were transported to St. Petersburg by plane and buried at the Peter and Paul Fortress.


    [Option #1] - 4 hrs, driving tour w/bilingual guide:
    Our driver and the guide will meet you at the agreed location (either your hotel or city center). We will start our tour from visiting the "City history museum". After brief introduction with the center of Yekaterinburg, we will continue our tour making stops at the "Ipatievsky House and Church “On the blood”, the "Cathedral of Ascension of the Lord" and "Ganya's pit". At the end of the tour our guide will take you to the hotel or drop you off at the location of your preference.


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  • Private care w/driver;
  • Museum Admission fee;

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  • Meals or snacks;
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