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Mongolia / Gobi desert (Middle, South)

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Route: - Ulaanbaatar - Dalandzadagad - Gobi desert (Middle, South) - Gurvansaikhan Park - the Gobi's perl
Date:May - November

Discounts:35-45% (2 pax)
40-50% (3 pax)
4+ pax (inquire)

Difficulty:Not applicable
Cost:1 990 USD
[ option #1 ]
without guide
per 1 person

2 240 USD
[ option #1 ]
guide thru trip
per 1 person

2 190 USD
[ option #2 ]
without guide
per 1 person

2 440 USD
[ option #2 ]
guide thru trip
per 1 person

Hongorin Els sand dunes

Children harvesting saxaul trees for fuel

  Gobi highlights

 Ger camp

If you are traveling to Mongolia in the summer, dont miss a chance to visit the land of extreme contrasts - the Gobi desert . To reach Gobi's popular sites, travelers must overcome a distance of ~500-600km first. You can either drive it or take a local plane to the Gobi first. The driving option a true adventure. It takes travelers through the grasslands of the Central Mongolia into the desert-steppe and finally sand dunes of the Gobi. Flying option works well for for those who want to focus on the Gobi or short on time. We can arrange both options with longer stay if you wish. If you are ready, let's begin our adventure!


  • Where is Mongolia? Where is the Gobi? Check Locator
  • Experience Mongolia's Nomadic life, eat and live like a Mongolian;
  • Walk thru ancient Erdene Zuu Monastery
  • Baga Gazaryn Chuluu is a extensive rock formation surrounded by desert-steppe. The site has been known for archeological findings dating from the Paleolithic times and spiritual worshiping.
  • Bayanzag (Flaming Cliffs) is claimed to be the site where first fossilized dinosaur eggs were found by Roy Chapman expedition.
  • Yolyn Am (or Eagles Valley) site is a valley in the middle of the Gobi desert famous for its dramatic and bizarre scenery. Here you will see remains of ice almost all year round, small nature museum at the gate on the main road to "Yolyn Am" with the collection of dinosaur eggs and bones, stuffed birds and a snow leopard. The surrounding hills offer plenty of opportunities for strenuous day hikes. If lucky, you might spot ibex or argali wild sheep.
  • Motsog Els site... is the site with amazing sand dunes (up to 30 meters in some places). Try "downhill sand skiing" while enjoying spectacular views also known as "The Singing Sands".

    TRAVEL OPTIONS:( Tourist map of Mongolia )

    [OPTION #1] - 5 DAYS BY JEEP

    day 1: - in Ulaanbaatar...after breakfast, driver and guide will meet you at the hotel and begin driving south through endless Mongolian steppe towards the Gobi desert. The drive takes 5-6 hrs (~280km) with stops for lunch and sightseeing. At the end of our drive we will stop at the site called "Baga Gazriin Chuluu", huge granite rock formation in the middle of the Gobi. For overnight and supper we will go to nearby Ger camp.
    day 2 - ger camp (northern gobi area)...breakfast, continue driving south into the heart of the Gobi desert for 9-10 hours (~ 380km) with stops for a picnic lunch and sightseeing. Enjoy spectacular views of the desert and mountains. Closer to the evening, we will drive to the Ger camp for a supper and overnight.
    day 3 - ger camp (gobi desert)...after breakfast travel to Eagle Valley for 40km. Great place for hiking, trekking and exploring. After the Valley, we will drive to a small sand dune 'Motsog Els" (~ 100km). Picnic lunch at the dune, then drive to our next destination, world famous Flaming Cliffs (~ 30km). Perhaps it should have been called the "dinosaur cemetery". The area is most famous for yielding the first discovery of dinosaur eggs. Try your luck for dinosaur fossils here. After sunset, drive to closest Ger camp. Supper. Overnight.
    day 4 - ger camp (gobi desert)...breakfast, then travel to Orkhon Valley for 380km ~ 8-9 hours. Enjoy sightseeing of Mongolia's rocky countryside. Stop for a box lunch. Try fishing on Orkhon River. Overnight and supper at the Ger camp.
    day 5 - ger camp (central mongolia)...breakfast, then continue driving north to Ulaanbaatar for ~ 7-8 hours (~ 400km). During the drive we will make short stops for box lunch and sightseeing. Tentative arrival time to Ulaanbaatar is late afternoon / evening.


    day 1 - in Ulaanbaatar and driver will meet you at the hotel and begin the 5-6 hours (~ 370km) drive to Kharkhorin town located in central Mongolia. In 1220, it was a flourishing capital of Genghis Khan's Mongol Empire called Karakorum. Upon arrival, lunch, then tour to famous Erdene Zuu Monastery. For overnight and supper you will be taken to the closest Ger camp.
    day 2 - breakfast at the ger camp followed by the 6-7 hours (~270km) drive south towards Gobi desert. Our destination is the Ongiin Monastery, formerly one of the largest monasteries in Mongolia founded in 1660. The landscape around the monastery is a semi-desert with endless wide-open dry steppe, random plants and rocks. Gobi desert is not here yet, but the welcome gate is right around the corner. After lunch, visit the temple, talk to local monks, walk around. In the late afternoon, we will take another drive for 3-4 hours (~ 150km) to Flaming Cliffs, site known for the first discovery of dinosaur eggs and unique landscape. Try your luck for dinosaur fossils here. After sunset, drive to the closest Ger camp for a supper and overnight.
    day 3 - breakfast at the Ger camp. Our expedition continues. Today, our first stop will be Khongor sand dunes. It takes 4-5 hours (~ 150km) to get there. Known as Singing sand dunes, the Khongor dunes stretch for 180km, 15km wide and reach 300 meters high. Feel free to ride the dune, slide, roll, play. After the dune stop, we will drive to the closest Ger camp for lunch. Late afternoon, we will continue driving for 4-5 hours (~ 170km) to the sited called Eagle Valley (also called Yolyn Am). Enjoy valley's enigmatic composition and wildlife, hike, trek, relax. Here we will also visit a local museum dedicated to Gobi desert. Supper and overnight at the Ger camp.
    day 4 - early breakfast at the Ger camp, then drive to the airport located in Dalanzadgad town. The driver and guide will help you to board the plane, and then they will drive back (~ 550km) to Ulaanbaatar on their own. Your flight will be short, 1.5 hour. Upon arrival to Ulaanbaatar, you will be met and transferred to your hotel / train station.

    NOTE: As a rule, in the summer flights between Ulaanbaataar and Dalanzadgad are daily. In the winter twice a week (TUE & FRI).


  • Ground Transportation with personal driver + gasoline for full trip;
  • Airfare Dalanzadgad->Ulaanbaator, one way, econ. (option #2);
  • Personal bilingual guide (optional - see prices);
  • Food and Board for travelers, driver, and guide per Itinerary;
  • Entrance fees for National parks & local museums during the trip;

    Due to seasonal fluctuation of accommodation fees and airfares, Sokol Tours reserves a right to adjust the final fees accordingly.

    Not included:

  • Lodging and Food in Ulaanbaatar city;
  • Travel/Health/Evacuation insurance;
  • Visa (if required);
  • Fees for oversized/weight luggage on domestic flights;

    Special tour-related note:

  • Click here for information about Mongolian Gers (Yurts).
  • Be prepared for dust and bumps. Pack sensitive gear well.
  • Make sure to have good windbreaker, sun glasses, hardy boots, insect repellent, flash light, warm clothes, swim suite, energy snacks;
  • Be ready to "bath" in the river/lake, share Ger, use outdoor toilet.
  • If personal hygiene is an issue-bring your own sleeping bags.
  • All meals in the field are cooked on the open fire.

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