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Route: - Ulaanbaatar - Terelj Park & Hentii Mountains - Kharkhorin - the city of lost Empire - Khuduu Aral - the Genghis Khan land - Arkhangai Province Wonders
(Terkhiin, Ugii Lakes, Horgo Park..)
- Khustain Park - home of wild ponies

Duration:16 days

Date:15 May-1 Oct

Difficulty:Easy / No activity
Cost:4 660 USD
1 traveler
package price

6 380 USD
2 travelers
package price

8 970 USD
3 travelers
package price

11 160 USD
4 travelers
package price

  Highlights of Central Mongolia


Browse the heart of Mongolia to feel the pulse of Nomadic day to day life. Try to schedule your arrival/departure dates to Monoglia's capital around July 10-15, so that you can catch the National Festival called "Naadam".


  • Enjoy Mongolia's spirit lifting Nature;
  • Embrace Mongolia’s grasslands and Steppe
  • Experience Nomadic life first hand by living in traditional Ger;
  • Explore ancient Genghis's capital - the Karakorum
  • Relax, meditate, enjoy the view of Orkhon River & waterfall
  • Try your archaeological skills in the Middle Gobi desert;
  • Visit the cradle of Genghis Khan's Empire;
  • Learn about cute wild horse Takhi (Przewalski's horse)
  • Take advantage of ideal environment for hiking and relaxing;

    TRAVEL ITINERARY (16 days/15 nights)

    (Tourist map of Mongolia )

    Day 1: Welcome to Mongolia
    Arrival to Ulaanbaatar. Meeting at the airport/train station and transfer to the hotel. If you need an advice where to stay in Ulaanbaatar, we would be glad to help. In the evening, our guide will invite you for a supper and traditional folk show at local restaurant or theater. Overnight in Ulaanbaatar city. (LD)

    Day 2: Terelj National Park
    After breakfast our guide and driver will meet you at the hotel. Quick briefing about the Itinerary, double check on packing, food, supplies. Begin the journey. Our first stop is famous Gorkhi-Terelj National Park. The drive is about 80km (1.5-2 hours). Terelj Park is a great place to relax. Upon arrival our guide will help you to find your Mongolian Ger, show facilities around the camp, where to eat, shower, etc. After lunch, the guide and driver will take you to nearby Ariyabal Buddhist temple for 3-4 hours excursion and a walk. Closer to the evening return to the camp. Use the rest of the evening as you wish: hike, climb rocks, enjoy the scenery, ride a horse/camel or simply enjoy a bon fire at the camp. Overnight at the Terelj Lodge Ger camp. (BLD).

    Day 3: Khuduu Aral site
    Today we will drive south-west ~210km (131mi) to our next destination called Khuduu Aral. The area is one of the most picturesque landscapes in Mongolia composed of Bayan-Ulaan mountains and grasslands at an altitude of 1300 meters above the sea level. Khuduu Aral is particularly known as place closely connected to famous literary work called The Secret history of the Mongols. Upon arrival to the site, sightseeing, rest, supper. Overnight in the Ger camp. BLD.

    Day 4: Ikh Gazriin Ghuluu Nature Reserve
    Our next destination is Ikh Gazriin Ghuluu Nature Reserve located in the southern part of Mongolia also knows as the middle Gobi desert . We will drive south today for about ~300km (188mi). Lunch is on the way. The reserve is known for unique rock formations shaped by volcanic activities in the past. Unusual rock pinnacles and granite boulders, together with vast landscape, they provide great views for sightseeing. There are many interesting legends about people who lived (some believe still living) in caves. They came here to hide from prosecution of royals of Imperial Mongolia. The caves are usually named after those people. The nature reserve also has rich and interesting variety of plants and animals. Overnight at the Ger camp. BLD.

    Day 5: Ruins of Ongiin Khiid Monastery
    Today we visit interesting and intriguing remains of Ongiin Khiid Monastery (or Ongi Temple) located in the middle Gobi desert. It takes about ~250km (156mi) of driving thru endless semi-desert steppes of middle Gobi to reach the site. Upon arrival, sightseeing, try your archaeological skills, enjoy the views of middle Gobi. Overnight at the Ger camp. BLD

    Day 6: Orkhon Valley
    After breakfast, we will drive north into the heart of Central Mongolia to Orkhon Valley. The drive takes about 240km (5-6 hours). The valley was included by UNESCO in the World Heritage List as the place representing evolution of nomadic pastoral traditions spanning more than two millennia. You will have a chance to explore and see many ancient religious and cultural sites during the drive, enjoy magnificent views, and learn about unique flora and fauna around the Orkhon River and Waterfall. Overnight in the Ger camp. BLD.

    Day 7: Rest, Relax, Enjoy Surroundings
    No driving today! We will dedicate the day to sightseeing on foot. The area is famous among birdwatchers and naturalists. Take a walk around or ride a horse, spend some time near Okrhon waterfall watching birds, take pictures. Try fishing in Orkhon river or take a swim. If interested, visit horse-breeder's camp or family to see the process of making “airag” (the Mongolian national drink of fermented mare's milk). Breakfast, Lunch and Supper, Lodging at the local Ger camp. BLD.

    Day 8: Kharkhorin town
    Today we will continue driving north-east for about 120km to a small town Kharkhorin. The town itself is a modern settlement, but the area near the town is what we really want to show you. In 1220, it was a flourishing capital of Genghis Khan's Mongol Empire called Karakorum. There is not much left from the ancient capital except few ruins, lots of legends, and ancient Erdene Zuu Monastery. After the tour around Monastery, our guide will take you to a local workshop to show how locals make felt products. Overnight in nearby Ger camp. BLD.

    Day 9: Shankh Monastery & Nomadic Life
    Today, after breakfast and short drive (25km) we will take you for a tour to another Shankh Monastery. The monastery was founded in 1647. Great place to feel the history and power of Mongolian civilization. After the monastery excursion, the guide will take you for a lunch and then to a local nomadic family where you can see and experience real nomadic life. At the end of the day, drive back to Kharkhorin town. Overnight at the Ger camp. BLD.

    Day 10: Tsenkher Hot Springs
    After breakfast, we will continue our tour around Central Mongolia. Today we will drive 100km (2-3 hours) till the Tsenkher hot springs. The springs have basic open pool and facilities. The water is hot (+86.5C) with the slight smell of sulfur (rotten eggs smell'). Locals believe that springs posses great healing properties. Relax. Bath. Soak. Explore the area. Overnight at the Ger camp. BLD

    Day 11: Taikhar Chuluu Rock
    Today’s destination is Zaya Gegeenii Khuree Monastery and Taikhar Rock tower. First we will drive to Tsetserleg town (~ 70km) located in the center of Arkhangai province. Upon arrival, lunch, then short transfer to the Monastery. Our guide will show you around, introduce you to the history and monk community living around the monastery. At the end of the day, we will make our last stop at the Taikhar Rock known for mysterious origin, location and form. The rock plays key role in many local legends. One of the most popular one is about “Great baatar”. Ask your guide for full story. Overnight in the Ger camp. BLD.

    Day 12: Ugii (Ogii) Lake
    Today is a great day for folks who like relaxing views of nature and wildlife. After breakfast we will drive for 140km to Ugii (Ogii) Lake. The fresh water lake is located in the midst of steppe, rich with fauna and flora, home to many species of migrating birds. Swan Goose, White Spoonbill and Dalmatian Pelican have been recorded. The lake is also renowned for fishing, pike and perch especially. Upon arrival our guide will invite you for 2 hours walking tour along the shore. After the tour, relax, take a swim, fish, watch wildlife. Supper and overnight are the Ger camp. BLD

    Day 13: Khogno Khan Uul Nature Reserve
    We hope you are enjoying the beauty of Central Mongolia. Today we will drive for 110km to our next destination – the Khögnö Khan Uul Nature Reserve. This nature reserve sees relatively few visitors. Its arid terrain of rocky semi-desert is good for short hikes and there are a few old temples to explore, both ruined and active. On the way to the reserve we will make a stop to see Khoshoo Tsaidam monument with inscriptions related to both Chinese and Turkish, legendary origins of the Turks, the golden age of their history, their subjugation by the Chinese, and their liberation by Bilge. At the end of the day we will also visit Nomadic family for horse/camel riding and some tea. Overnight is at the Ger camp. BLD.

    Day 14: Khustain National Park
    Fun day. Today we will take you Khustain National Park to see rare horse (pony) in the wild called Takhi (Przewalski's horse). The drive takes about 4-5 hours today (200km). Upon arrival to the Park, learn about uneasy fate of Takhi horses, observe wildlife, hike, enjoy the views. Overnight in the Ger camp. BLD.

    Day 15: Back to Ulaanbaatar city
    Our trip is almost over. Today, after breakfast we will drive to Ulaanbaatar city (100km). Paved road will make the drive quick and easy. Upon arrival to the city, check in to your hotel/hostel, short rest, shower. Later, our guide will invite you for souvenir shopping and to the Cashmere market. Overnight in the city at the hotel. BL.

    Day 16: Departure
    If you are flying or taking a train today, our driver will pick you up from the hotel and take you to the airport / train station. Hope you enjoyed your trip. Have a safe trip home. B


  • Arrival & Departure Transfers by a private car;
  • Activities, tours, excursions per Itinerary;
  • Private vehicle with personal driver per Itinerary;
  • Bilingual tour guide per Itinerary;
  • Lodging for travelers during the tour, 13 nights;
    (private Ger/Yurt, double occupancy, full board BLD)
  • Lodging and meals for driver and guide, 13 nights;
  • Entrance fees to National Parks, sites, temples per Itinerary;
  • Horse / camel riding during the tour (where applicable);

    Not included:

  • Accommodations (arrival and departure night);
  • Visa (if required);
  • Travel/Health/Evacuation Insurance;
  • Drinks/snacks/alcoholic beverages during the trip;
  • Photo/Video surcharges in Museums/Temples;
  • Personal expenses, gratuities

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  • Click here for information about Mongolian Gers.
  • Be prepared for long & dusty "offroad" experience.
  • Bring: insect repellent, swim suite & sun protection;
  • Be prepared to take a "shower" in the lake or river if needed.
  • If personal hygiene is an issue-bring your own sleeping bags.
  • Some meals are cooked on the open fire.

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