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Route: - Moscow - Kazan - Yekaterinburg - Novosibirsk - Irkutsk - Circum-Baikal Railway - Ulan-Ude (Buryat Republic) - Khabarovsk - Vladivostok - Trans-Siberian RR - Trans-Mongolian RR

Duration:13 - 15 Days

Date:see below

Difficulty:Medium activity
Cost:16 695 USD
TWIN (share);
per person;

24 695 USD
SINGLE (solo);
per cabin;

20 595 USD
GOLD Class;
TWIN (shared);
per person;

29 995 USD
GOLD Class;
SINGLE (solo);
per cabin;

33 995 USD
TWIN (shared);
per person;

Golden Eagle Wagon

Gold Class Cabin sitting area

  Rail cruise "Eagle": Classic Trans Siberian + Mongolia

Golden Eagle: Trans-Siberian Express


This is a guided group tour on the train with set departure dates for folks who love the thrill of adventure and enjoy the comfort of home. Travelers are offered modern en-suite facilities with different level of amenities including power showers and under floor heating. Undoubtedly, the world’s greatest railway journey, the Trans-Siberian Railway runs from Moscow over the Urals, across the magnificent Russian steppes and alongside the shores of the world’s largest freshwater lake. As another highlight, the train will branch off the Trans-Siberian main line for a short visit to Mongolia. After the journey is over, the train will have passed through 7 time zones, and traveled over 6,000 miles – 1/3 of the way around the world.

EASTBOUND: Moscow - Ulaanbaatar - Vladivostok (click for details)

2019: 05 May - 19 May (15 days);
2019: 02 Jun - 16 June (15 days);
2019: 01 Jul - 13 Jul (13 days) - tour ends in Mongolia (Naadam Festival)
2019: 22 Jul - 05 Aug (15 days);
2019: 18 Aug - 01 Sep (15 days);
2019: 12 Feb - 26 Feb (15 days) - extra stop, higher cost~15%, inquire.

2020: 03 May - 17 May (15 days);
2020: 31 May - 14 June (15 days);
2020: 01 Jul - 13 Jul (13 days) - tour ends in Mongolia (Naadam Festival)
2020: 26 Jul - 09 Aug (15 days);
2020: 23 Aug - 06 Sep (15 days);
2020: 13 Feb - 27 Feb (15 days) - extra stop, higher cost~15%, inquire.

  • day #1 - Moscow. Welcome Dinner. 5* Hotel.
  • day #2 - in Moscow. Day tour. PM dept. Onboard.
  • day #3 - arrv to Kazan. Day tour. PM dept. Onboard.
  • day #4 - arrv to Yekaterinburg. Day tour. PM dept. Onboard.
  • day #5 - arrv to Novosibirsk. Day tour. PM dept. Onboard.
  • day #6 - In route. Onboard.
  • day #7 - arrv to Irkutsk. Day tour. Overnight Onboard.
  • day #8 - in Irkutsk. Day trip to Lake Baikal. PM dept. Onboard.
  • day #9 - arrv to Ulan-Ude. Day tour. PM dept to Mongolia. Onboard.
  • day #10 - arrv to Ulaanbaatar. Day tour, dinner. Onboard.
  • day #11 - in route going back to Russia. Onboard.
  • day #12 - in route heading east. Onboard.
  • day #13 - in route heading east. Onboard.
  • day #14 - arrv to Vladivostok. Day tour. 5* Hotel.
  • day #15 - breakfast @ hotel. Transfer to (air/train/sea port)...END.

    Take shorter trips for less (eastbound only)
    If you wish to spend more time around Lake Baikal or Mongolia, or wish to go to Beijing, some eastbound tours can be booked till Irkutsk city (9 days) or Mongolia (13 days) only. Discounts for shorter tours range between 10% and 32% depending on the tour and cabin class. Please inquire.

    WESTBOUND: Vladivostok - Ulaanbaatar - Moscow (click for details)

    2019: 18 May - 01 Jun (15 days);
    2019 15 Jun - 29 Jun (15 days);
    2019: 10 Jul - 22 Jul (13 days) - tour starts in Mongolia (Naadam Festival)
    2019: 04 Aug - 18 Aug (15 days);
    2019: 31 Aug - 14 Sep (15 days);
    2019: 24 Feb - 10 March (15 days) - extra stop, higher cost~15%, inquire.

    2020: 16 May - 30 May (15 days);
    2020 13 Jun - 27 Jun (15 days);
    2020: 10 Jul - 22 Jul (13 days) - tour starts in Mongolia (Naadam Festival)
    2020: 08 Aug - 22 Aug (15 days);
    2020: 05 Sep - 19 Sep (15 days);
    2020: 25 Feb - 11 March (15 days) - extra stop, higher cost~15%, inquire.

  • day #1 - START in Vladivostok. Welcome Dinner. 5* Hotel.
  • day #2 - in Vladivostok. Day tour. PM dept. Onboard.
  • day #3 - arrv Khabarovsk. Day tour. PM dept. Onboard.
  • day #4 - in route heading west. Onboard.
  • day #5 - arrv to Ulan-Ude. Day tour. PM dept to Mongolia. Onboard.
  • day #6 - arrv Ulaanbaatar. Day tour, dinner. PM dept. Onboard.
  • day #7 - in route heading back to Russia. Onboard.
  • day #8 - arrv to Irkutsk. Day trip to Lake Baikal. Onboard.
  • day #9 - in Irkutsk. Day tour. PM dept. Onboard.
  • day #10 - in route heading west. Onboard.
  • day #11 - arrv to Novosibirsk. Day tour. PM dept. Onboard.
  • day #12 - arrv to Yekaterinburg. Day tour. PM dept. Onboard.
  • day #13 - arrv to Kazan. Day tour. PM dept. Onboard.
  • day #14 - arrv Moscow. Day tour. 5* Hotel.
  • day #15 - breakfast @ hotel. Transfer to (air/train/sea port)...END.


    JOURNEY ESSAY (click for a photo tour).
    After 7 years of planning, the 21-wagon Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express was officially launched on April 26, 2007 at Belarussky Station, Moscow. The core of the train are newly designed 11 luxury sleeping wagons with cabins of two classes: Gold and Silver (max capacity 180 passengers). The rest are restaurant, bar, kitchen, staff, and service wagons. On average the train carries with anywhere between 80-160 travelers as some of the cabins are sold as single occupancy. The serving team consists of a Tour Manager, a Tour Leader, Guides, a Bartender, Wait staff, Attendants, Cooks, Doctor, and Technical personal - all together about 60-65 people. Local excursions are assisted by local tour operators and guides. The train is pulled by electric (some parts diesel) engines. The electricity used on the trains is 220V.

    SILVER CLASS (click for a photo tour)
    The Silver Class cabins have similar facilities with the Gold Class, but more compact, both beds and living space. The main difference is the bathroom. The Silver en-suite is in the more modern “wet room” style, which means that the shower is within the bathroom but not in a separate shower cubicle: Cabin area - 60 square feet, (5.5sqm); Cabin length – 6’ 7” (2m); Cabin width – 9’ (2.7m); Lower bed width – 4’ (1.2m); Upper bed width – 2’ 9” (85cm); Bed length (upper & lower) – 6’ 3” (1.9m); Cabins per car: 6

    GOLD CLASS (click for a photo tour)
    They are among the largest rail cabins anywhere in the world. Each cabin contain 2 bunk style beds (upper and lower). The lower bed is a multi purpose. At 4’ 5” (1.35 m) this double bed is converted into a comfortable sofa by your friendly cabin attendant on a daily basis. All cabins have an independently controlled air-conditioning to provide for a comfortable microclimate, dvd/cd player, lcd screen, night recessed lighting, remote controls for under floor heated floor, water-flushing, attendant’s call. The wardrobe space cleverly designed for clothes, suitcases, books and other essentials. It has a safety box. Fully en-suite, the bathrooms contain a separate power-shower cubicle with hot and cold water supply that can be used any time when it is necessary as well as bathrobe, slippers hairdryer and complimentary toiletries. Tiled floor is supplied with a heating system. Washing-basin with a sensor mixer can be used at stops, in sanitary zones and throughout the entire journey: Cabin area – 77 sq ft (7sqm); Cabin length – 6’ 7” (2m); Cabin width – 11’ 8” (3.6m); Lower bed width – 4’ 5” (1.35m); Upper bed width – 2’ 9” (85cm); Bed Length – 6’ 3” (1.9m); Cabins per car: 5

    IMPERIAL CLASS (click for a photo tour)
    The Imperial Suite measures 120 square feet. It is the most luxurious and spacious compartment on the train. These cabins feature a fixed king-sized bed, a dedicated sitting area with dressing table, a large en-suite shower, under-floor heating, individual air-conditioning, wardrobe, DVD/CD player, and two large picture windows. Imperial Suite guests will also receive complimentary drinks from the premium bar list, included laundry service, and room upgrades to the next available category at selected hotels per the trip itinerary. In-cabin dining is available to Imperial Suite guests.

    RESTAURANT (2) and BAR (1) wagons (click for a photo tour)
    A particular delight of the Golden Eagle are two beautifully appointed restaurant wagons. There is 1 executive chef and 5 sous chefs. Breakfast is normally between 8am and 10am. Lunch is scheduled around the off-train excursion arrangements, however it is normally between 12:30 and 2pm. Dinner is served at 7pm most evenings. As a rule, the menu is set with a choice of main course. It includes delicacies and the finest local ingredients for European and Oriental cuisine. All meals are complimented by wines from around the world, beer, vodka, mineral water and soft drinks. Yet the social heart of the train is of course the bar-wagon, a great place to relax and settle into the unhurried pace of life on board. Unwind in comfortable surroundings and watch the world go by as you get to know your fellow passengers… the bar stays open until the last person leaves.

    ....what happens when I arrive at the airport?...what happens if I miss my flight, or am delayed?...are there any restrictions on the size and number of pieces of luggage I can bring? smoking permitted on the train? insurance included and do I need it?...what currency will I need to bring?...etc


    Customize your journey and enjoy the opportunity to select from an array of Freedom of Choice Touring options that best suits your interests. Your off-train excursions will still take in all the major attractions of the places we are visiting but, in featured locations, you will be presented when you are onboard the train with a variety of activities from which to choose, and enjoy a tailor-made experience. In Moscow for example, you could choose to spend time in the Tretyakov Picture Gallery, which is not part of the standard touring program; or you might choose to go shopping in the local markets and bazaars; or spend a day relaxing in a local spa (*treatments extra). In short, it means that your holiday is just that, your very own, and it's all included in the tour price, with no more for you to pay. It is the ultimate in flexibility. Freedom of Choice Touring options may be subject to variations dependent on finalized train timings and local charges. Touring options available will typically be advised in the evening prior to the day's tour.
    Our experienced tour managers and their assistants are selected for their travel knowledge and organizational abilities allowing you to relax and enjoy your voyage of a lifetime. We receive many exceptional passenger comments about our Tour Managers and their aim is to ensure you enjoy every minute of your holiday. ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE TRANSFERS
    Arrival and departure transfers are included.
  • ACCOMMODATIONS: first and last night in the hotels, the rest is onboard. The "Naadam Festival" tour (1-13 july) includes 4 nights in the hotels and 8 nights onboard. Although you will spend much of your time sightseeing or relaxing in the train's public areas, you will find your hotel room or cabin a welcome retreat at the end of a rewarding day. Hotel and onboard accommodation as described in your individual tour itinerary are included in the tour price. All hotels are of 5 star standard or, in certain locations, the best available. Room upgrades are available on request and at extra cost.
    Each tour begins with a Welcome Dinner, an ideal opportunity to get to know your fellow passengers; for the Tour Manager to brief you on the trip; and introduce you to the Tour team and the Tour Doctor. The Farewell Dinner is the perfect end to your adventure by private train where you can relive the journey and look ahead to future tours.
    When you board the train there will be a brochure in your cabin detailing more about your journey and the places en-route. Our Tour Manager will organize a program of briefings on the cities or places we visit and, each evening, will issue a program for the next day's touring schedule.
    All departures feature one or two uniquely designed restaurant cars where you can enjoy the excellent waiter-served food and wine. Several times during the tour we will also sample authentic local cuisine off the train.
    A generous drinks allowance is included with lunch and dinner. For passengers traveling in Gold Class onboard the Golden Eagle, drinks from the Standard Drinks List in the Bar Car are also included.
    Throughout your tour you can expect service which is attentive, friendly and unintrusive. The high ratio of staff to passengers means there is always someone available should you need assistance.
    All our tours include a wide-ranging sightseeing schedule to make the most of the time you have off the train and bring you closer to the culture, people and history of your destinations. We believe it is the special little touches that help create magical memories - whether it is attending a private concert in the middle of Siberia, or drinking tea picked from the very plantations where you are sitting, nestled in the foothills of the mighty Himalayas.
    On all the off-train excursions, to enhance your enjoyment and comprehension of the places you visit, you will be provided with a lightweight personal headset on which to listen to your tour guide as you take in the sights. So you do not need to worry about missing any of the interesting details on your excursions.
    To give you peace of mind our tours are accompanied by a doctor who travels with us for the entire journey; so you can rest assured that medical assistance is always available. On call 24 hours a day, the doctor is on hand to give primary care as required. Normally, the doctor will be English speaking and be registered with the General Medical Council in the UK.
    Your car attendants provide 24-hour housekeeping and bedding turndown services, with one attendant always on duty to assist you and to ensure you are comfortable in your cabin. Complimentary tea, coffee and bottled drinking water are available in your cabin 24 hours a day.
    Porterage is included between the hotels and stations.
    All gratuities are included in the tour price.

    Not included:

  • Travel/Medical/Evacuation Insurance (strongly recommended)
  • International & Domestic Airfares;
  • Visa (s) Processing Fees;
  • Phone/fax/internet are not available on the train;
  • Onboard Laundry service charges;
  • Drinks from the bar;
  • Spa treatments, hairdressing;
  • Occasional optional off-train excursions.

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