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As of today, Eastern Europe, Russia, China, Mongolia, and Central Asia's Railways in most part remain the government’s monopoly. Unlike Western Europe, there are no rail passes, no credit card services, no sales of tickets outside of the country. Due to system limitation, and other restrictions, train tickets and seat reservations cannot be reserved in advance without full payment. Train tickets and train reservations are sold on “first comes first served” basis. Verbal verification of seat availability without immediate purchase of tickets does not guarantee that the same seats will be available at a later time. Be prepared for long lines at the ticket offices (if you are buying the ticket yourself) and sizable price fluctuations. Although there are some good news! The centralized booking system and “army like” discipline keeps all trains on a precise schedule despite the distances and economic troubles. If you have never traveled by trains in Eastern Eurasia, you should check the links (below) first. For train fares and schedule, click on the One way (above) icon to begin the search. You will need to know destinations and travel dates in order to bring up train choices for your travel. If you have troubles finding a train connection or have questions, send us e-mail ( or call (+724-935-5373 - USA office)

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  • All train fares & time shown on our website are subject to change without notice. Price fluctuation is particularly common for domestic train tickets in Russia. Spring, Summer, Fall and Christmas/New Year fares are usually higher by 5-40% depending on the country, season, type of train, and cabin class. Delivery services are not included.


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