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One way

One way

  • Start with entering "Departure/Arrival" cities, "Departure" date, then click Search.

  • If no trains are available on a given date, try expanding the search (max. 7 days).

  • In order to take advantage of the Itinerary builder, you must first register with us. This involves obtaining your personal login and password using Client Login function.

  • If your "search" is successful, you will see one or few train listings. Click on the "train number" or "fare" to open a pop-up window to see train details. Click on the desired class/price. A new window will appear with the "duffle bag" with your train record. Make sure to use "Save" button to keep the newly selected train in your "duffle bag".

  • Note that information displayed here is the train timetable only. It does not imply availability on any given train or route. In order to book this ticket, payment must be received by Sokol Tours in full. As a rule, tickets can be printed 30-45 days before departure date, and in some case 24-48 hours only.

  • All train fares & time shown on our website are subject to change without notice. Price fluctuation is particularly common for domestic train tickets in Russia. Spring, Summer, Fall and Christmas/New Year fares are usually higher by 5-40% depending on the country, season, type of train, and cabin class. Delivery services are not included.

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